Reinvigr8 gym upper coomera free weights, dumbells and strength machines

Why should I join a gym?

All right, let’s face it – everyone, whether they have ever suffered with poor body image or not, would like to be able to pop a pill or take a potion to instantly turn into the perfect version of themselves. Having a healthy body without making any effort would be like a dream – and therein lies the problem; without work and focus it is ‘just a dream’. In reality the key to successful weight loss and health is accomplished with focus and motivation. With Reinvigr8 in Upper Coomera and Capalaba our fully trained, qualified and experienced staff can help you set goals with your weight loss and health journey to assist you achieving them. (more…)

What is the benefit in having a personal trainer?

So you’ve finally decided to take yourself on the fitness journey. Congratulations! This is a fantastic choice for your well-being and an investment in your future that, if you do it right, you will not regret. So how can you ensure that you get the best out of your investment? How can you get results you want with the time and personal abilities you have? The answer is – a Personal Trainer from Reinvigr8! (more…)