Whether you’re a novice, or an athlete, one of the best ways to increase overall health is by doing cardiovascular exercises and activities.

In our gym, your health and fitness is our main priority,  we provide you with a the wide range of equipment and solutions to improve your fitness and vitality.

Premium range of equipment including -recumbent and spin bikes, elliptical trainers, rowers, and treadmills are just a few of the machines we have at Reinvigr8 to help you lose weight and improve your health & fitness.

Cardio has a wide range of health benefits and our functional training zone boasts incredible CrossFit-style gear, including slam balls, power bags, box jumps and battle ropes to get your heart pumping.

Get on top of your health and fitness with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) or moderate to low intensity classes. Whatever you choose we can guide you with the best way to burn fat fast. Reinvigr8 provides for everyone, from the casual beginner through to the discerning cardio enthusiast!

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