Whether your goal is building lean muscle, toning or increasing overall strength. At Reinvigr8 we know the lifelong benefits of weight training – including; improved posture, increased bone density, improved sleep quality, weight loss, and improved metabolism.

Our gym is stocked with a full range of user friendly lock-and-load strength machines and free weights to help you achieve your goals.

If you are training full body or a split routine we have everything you need to achieve excellent results. Squat Racks, Leg Press, Inner Outer Thigh Machine, Rotary Torso, Assisted Chin and Dip Station, Multi Functional Cable Crossover, Bench Press Station are just a few of the Strength Machines at Reinvigr8.

Free weights – Dumbbells ranging from 1kg to 50kg and a large section of Barbells and Weight Plates to cater to all levels.

We can’t wait to help you transform your body and improve your health!

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