The Functional Zone is our top-of-the-range training area that boasts the best in functional training equipment.

Reinvigr8 Signature Olympic bars, tyres, ropes, kettlebells, sleds and plyometric boxes are just a few of the functional conditioning items in this zone that provide a real CrossFit style look and feel and opportunity for amazing conditioning workouts.

Maintain your workout momentum with no queues plus plenty of equipment to get your functional training done fast. The equipment is varied and caters for everyone from novice through to performance-focused athletes.

Whether you prefer to train solo, in a group, or with one of our Personal Trainers, we have everything you need for a wide variety of training. Join in one of our group fitness classes, offering room to move with a maximum of only 10 people per class, or enjoy your own personal workout.

However you want to train, the Functional Zone lets you have your workout your way!

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