Resistance Training Builds Lean Muscle

Do you want to tone up, lose weight, look and feel great. Reinvigr8 Health & Fitness 24/7 can help. We have a dedicated Team of Professional Health Coaches that will guide throughout your exercise journey.
Providing expert guidance with Resistance Training Exercises to build lean strong muscles. No you will not turn into a bulky muscle bound bodybuilder simply by starting Resistance Training. In fact you will build lean muscles, reduce bodyfat and tone up your entire body with the correct exercise progression as advised by your Health Coach.

Do you have certain areas that you wish to develop more or work on. Whilst you cannot spot reduce body fat we can help you tone and shape those areas with a combination of Resistance Training, Cardio Training Exercise and Healthy Eating.

  • Full Body Workouts
  • Split Programs
  • Healthy Eating Guidance
  • Cardiovascular Training
  • Functional Training