Ross Crouch

Personal Trainer

Over 3 Years as a Fitness Professional

I transformed my health & my body and would love the opportunity to help you unlock your potential. Changing my body and fitness gave me the passion to help others achieve what I did by changing my whole lifestyle. Being a Personal Trainer now provides me with the tools and first- hand knowledge to help you achieve your desired goals.

I changed my own life through training at Reinvgr8 and lost 40kgs. After this, I became healthier and fitter and have been a Personal Trainer ever since. I know all the ins and outs, excuses, and challenges of being in training and I use this knowledge to offer the best training solutions for our clients. I am an excellent motivator, and excels in helping you get the body you want and deserve!

Consistency and dedication with exercise and healthy eating are required for long term success. I can provide you with the skills to make the process as simple as possible.

With science based proven training methods combined with dedication and guidance. I will help you, help yourself!


  • Cert III & IV Fitness
  • Master Trainer
  • First Aid & CPR


  • Weight Loss
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Functional Training
  • Group Fitness and HIIT
  • Bootcamps

“Think about why you started”

Ross Crouch